Recent Publications

Mechanics of Polymers and Polymer Composites

Design of Armor for Protection Against Blast and Impact – JMPS 2016

Aramid Nanofiber-Reinforced Transparent Nanocomposites – J Composite Matls 2015

Rate Dependent Finite Strain Constitutive Modeling of Polyurethane and Polyurethane-Clay Nanocomposites – IJSS 2015

An Error Minimizing Approach to Inverse Langevin Approximations – Rheo Acta 2015

An Internal Cure for Damaged Polymers – Science 2014

Simultaneously High Stiffness and Damping in Carbon Nanotube Engineered Truss Composites – ACS Nano 2014

Effect of Soft Segment and Clay Volume Fraction on Rate Dependent Damping of Polyurethane and Polyurethane-Clay Nanocomposites – J Reinforced Compos 2014

Reactive Aramid Nanostructures as High-Performance Polymeric Building Blocks for Advanced Composites – Adv Functional Matls 2013

Simultaneously High Stiffness and Damping in a Class of Wavy Layered Composites – Compos Struct 2013

A Closed-Form, Hierarchical, Multi-Interphase Model for Composites —Derivation, Verification and Application to Nanocomposites – JMPS 2011

The Effects of the Interphase and Strain Gradients on the Elasticity of LBL Polymer/Clay Nanocomposites – IJSS 2011

Constitutive Model for Finite Deformation Response of Layered Polyurethane-Montmorillonite Nanocomposites – Mechs Matls 2011

Dispersions of Aramid Nanofibers: a New Piece of Nanoscale Toolset – ACS Nano 2011

Fracture Toughness of Exponential Layer-by-Layer Polyurethane/Poly(Acrylic Acid) Films – Engr Fracture Mechs 2010

The Role of Nanoparticle Layer Separation in the Finite Deformation Response of Layered Polyurethane-Clay Nanocomposites – Macromolecules 2009

Highly Ductile Multilayered Films by Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Oppositely Charged Polyurethanes for Biomedical Applications – Langmuir 2009

LBL Assembled Laminates with Hierarchical Organization from Nano- to Microscale: High-Toughness Nanomaterials and Deformation Imaging – ACS Nano 2009

Can Nature’s Design be Improved Upon? High Strength, Transparent Nacre-Like Nanocomposites with Double Network of Sacrificial Cross Links – J Phys Chem 2008

Ultrastrong and Stiff Layered Polymer Nanocomposites – Science 2007

Soft Tissue Biomechanics

[Review] Deconstructing the Anterior Cruciate Ligament: What We Know and Don’t Know About Function, Material Properties, and Injury Mechanics – J Biomech Eng 2015

Hyperelastic Modeling of Location-Dependent Human Distal Femoral Cartilage Mechanics – I J Nonlinear Mechs 2015

Evaluation of Hyperelastic Models for the Non-Linear and Non-Uniform High Strain-Rate Mechanics of Tibial Cartilage – J Biomechanics 2013

Heterogeneity of Tibial Plateau Cartilage in Response to a Physiological Compressive Strain Rate – J Ortho Res 2013

A Micromechanical Viscoelastic Constitutive Model for Native and Engineered Anterior Cruciate Ligaments – in Computer Models in Biomechanics from Nano to Macro, IUTAM Bookseries 2012

Perspectives on Biological Growth and Remodeling – JMPS 2011

Regional stiffening with aging in tibialis anterior tendons of mice occurs independent of changes in collagen fibril morphology – J Appl Physio 2011

The Micromechanics of Fluid-Solid Interactions During Growth in Porous Soft Biological Tissue – BMMB 2009

Tissue Engineering

Fresh vs. Frozen Engineered Bone-Ligament-Bone Grafts for Sheep ACL Repair – Tissue Eng C 2015

Allogeneic vs. Autologous Derived Cell Sources for Use in Engineered Bone-Ligament-Bone Grafts in Sheep ACL Repair – Tissue Eng A 2015

TGF-b1 Enhances Contractility in Engineered Skeletal Muscle – Tissue Eng and Regen Med 2013

Effect of Implantation on Engineered Skeletal Muscle-Tendon Constructs – Tissue Eng and Regen Med 2013

[Cover Article] Three-Dimensional Engineered Bone-Ligament-Bone Constructs for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Replacement – Tissue Eng A 2012

Utilization of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells to Fabricate Scaffold-Less Tissue Engineered Neural Conduits in Vitro – Neuroscience 2012

Implantation Increases Tensile Strength and Collagen Content of Self-Assembled Tendon Constructs – J Appl Physio 2010

Morphological and Functional Characteristics of Three-Dimensional Engineered Bone-Ligament-Bone Constructs Following Implantation – J Biomech Eng 2009

Three-Dimensional Engineered Bone from Bone Marrow Stromal Cells and Their Autogenous Extracellular Matrix – Tissue Eng 2009